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Tourism and Hospitality

Sl. no. Project Name Description Proposed Location
1 Blue Rhapsody (Regeneration and development of 5 major canals) Blue Rhapsody is envisioned to renew and rejuvenate the canal ecosystems in Kochi, reclaim its glory as a public asset, improve its spatial structure and restore the city’s relationship with its canals. Government of Kerala is venturing into a project for regeneration and development of 5 major canals in Kochi for inland navigation, tourism and recreational purposes. Kochi
2 Habitat Centre, Trivandrum Habitat Centre is conceived to provide a physical environment, which could serve as a synergetic relationship between individuals and institutions working in diverse habitat and related areas. The proposed Habitat Centre would constitute of mainly a Convention Centre, Exhibition Space for various expo and Trade Fairs, 4-5 star Hotels, Food Courts and Shopping areas, and office spaces. The project is proposed to be executed in the public-private partnership mode. Thiruvananthapuram
3 Inland Waterways and Cruise development The project plans to develop the inland navigation waterways to reduce congestion on roads and also to promote backwater tourism. This project envisages water connectivity, linking all the lagoons and river estuaries. The major benefits of Inland Water Transport are cheaper mode of transport, safe and energy efficient, more environmentally friendly Multiple (Rivers and backwaters of Kannur and Kasaragod district)
4 Kochi Metro Bliss City Kochi Metro Rail Limited (“KMRL”) is implementing a mass rapid transit system to provide a reliable, safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and customer friendly sustainable mass rapid transit system for the greater Kochi area. KMRL plans to optimally utilize the assigned land in Kakkanad for creation of a state-of-the-art recreation and entertainment destination which provides varied opportunities to its visitors to experience Kerala through its unique Nature, Art, Culture and Cuisine. Ernakulam
5 Setting up of Ropeways at Wayanad Considering the hilly terrain, the scenic beauty and large number of tourists visiting the region every year, setting up of Ropeway is proposed. Depending up on the type of terrain the length of tracks either continuous running Fix Grip Mono Cable System or Bi Cable Fixed Grip Pulsed Gondola system can be considered. Apart from these, ticket counter, pathway and parking, security check, passenger waiting hall, Restaurants, Toilets, landscaping, entrance and exit lobby, service and office storage rooms, alternate power system, Drive stations and return stations etc. are to be set up. Wayanad
6 Setting up of Resorts in North Kerala – Kannur District- Kannur Aerocity The proposed project for development of resorts in North Kerala – Kannur Aerocity has the following components is being envisioned in phase I: 1: Hotel & Convention Center 2: Multi Level Car Parking 3: Tourism & Trade Center Kannur
7 International Exhibition & Conference Center International Exhibition and Conference Center (IECC) Kochi is proposed to be set up at 20 acres of land earmarked by KINFRA at Kakkanad, Kochi. The proposed IECC shall be comparable to global exhibition centers with respect to operational efficiency, energy efficiency, architecture, layout, interior design, acoustics, visual effects, and other supporting facilities. Likewise, the convention center is envisaged to be a facility for private events and high - end Government-to-Government, business-to-business and business-to-customer meetings, exhibitions and events. Kakkanad, Cochin
8 Oceanarium The proposed Oceanarium is to be developed in 50 acres of land at Puthuvypeen Island, located on the western side of Kochi. The project involves development of a Marine Park, Acrylic Tunnel showcasing ocean habitat with marine animals, Marine Research Centre, Convention centre, Amphitheatre, along with space for events and cafeteria, specifically targeting to international & domestic visitors. Kochi
9 Tourism and Trade City in Kannur Aerotropolis The proposed project includes Hotel and Convention Center, Multi Level Car parking and Tourism and Trade center in Kannur with an estimated cost of INR 434 Crore. Kannur
10 Investment in 100 Acres of land at Idukki under Department of Tourism The project proposes setting up of Hotels in 5 star, 3 / 4 Star, Budget Hotels Categories to address the shortage of accommodation facilities in the area. Idukki
11 Setting up of Amenity Centers at select centers on the sides of the Waterway from Kovalam to Kasarag The project proposes setting up of Boat Terminals, Cloak Rooms, Tourist Information Centers, Travel Desk, Information Kiosks, Accommodation Facilities and other facilities for tourists etc. along the sides Waterway from Kovalam to Kasaragod Kovalam to Kasaragod
12 Setting up of Ropeways at Munnar The project proposes setting up of ropeways at Munnar. . Ropeway ride over the lush green tea plantations, hillocks, farms etc. will augment the tourism experience of the visitors at Munnar. It will also supplement the existing tourism initiatives in the area. Munnar, Idukki
13 Setting up of Resorts by private entrepreneurs at Anakkara in Idukki district Anakkara is another location in Idukki district which has immense untapped potential to attract tourists and to become a notable destination in the Tourism map. The tourism potential of cardamom/pepper plantations in the area can be leveraged to enrich the tourism experience of the visitors. The project proposes setting up of resorts by private entrepreneurs at Anakkara in Idukki district. Idukki
14 Coastal Circuit of Kerala Project proposes investors to explore opportunities to develop any of three infrastructure components – Water Sports, Beach and/or Connectivity, especially, high potential for water sports activities. With increased tourism visitors to Kerala, Coastal tourism offers a plethora of opportunities that include projects and themes that use the coastal resources. Across Kerala
15 Setting up of Resorts in North Kerala – Kasaragod District - Bekal The project proposes setting up of hotels in 3 / 4 Star and Budget hotel category at Bekal at Kasaragod District and Capacity of 100 rooms in 3 or 4 star category and 200 rooms in budget hotel category Kasaragod
16 Setting up of Resorts in North Kerala – Thrissur District - Peringalkkuthu The proposed project is for exploring possibility for setting up of accommodation facilities for tourists in Thrissur, utilizing the land available with Kerala State Electricity Board. Peringalkkuthu, Thrissur
17 Setting up of Resorts in North Kerala – Wayanad District - Banasurasagar The proposed project is for exploring possibility for setting up of accommodation facilities for tourists, utilizing the land available with Kerala State Electricity Board in Wayanad Banasurasagar, Wayanad
18 Setting up of Resorts in North Kerala – Wayanad District - Karappuzha The proposed project is for exploring possibility for setting up of accommodation facilities for tourists, utilizing the land available with Irrigation Department at Karappuzha , Wayanad. Karappuzha, Wayanad
19 Wayside amenities along expressways The proposed project aims to build supporting infrastructure to facilitate larger tourist segment moving across the road network. It is planned to set up across all the major roads and waterways in Kerala. The project envisages to construct Vazhiyoram units within a distance of 20 Kms on all the major Highways. Across Kerala
20 Golf Course at Munnar, Idukki The proposed project involves setting up a high end golf course (140 acres, 18 holes), gaming and entertainment facilities at Munnar. These include a golf Course and other supporting facilities including lockers, instruction facilities, Shopping area for sports accessories, Gym, Multi Cuisine Restaurant, Board Rooms, Party area, accommodation facilities etc. Munnar, Idukki
21 Marina at Allepey The project proses to set up Marina at Alappuzha. The facility is required for safe anchorage and parking of small speed boats, pleasure crafts and yachts. The facility provides safe berths, utility supplies, safety & security, and onshore facilities such as restrooms, F&B, provisioning and repair services, among others. It’s an infrastructure project for the beach tourism & watersports industry. Allepey
22 Golf Course at Bonacaud, Thiruvananthapuram The proposed project involves setting up a high end golf course (140 acres, 18 holes; proposed to be acquired by the Forest Department) at Bonacaud, Thiruvananthapuram. These include a golf course and other supporting facilities including lockers, instruction facilities, Shopping area for sports accessories, Gym, Multi Cuisine Restaurant, Board Rooms, Party area, accommodation facilities etc. Thiruvananthapuram
23 Water Front Development for Sounds, Lights & Laser Show The project involves setting up of Water front Sounds, Lights and Laser show at Azhikode that would require building of an open 500 seat theatre in the form of a Boardwalk with pier footings; installation of a main projection surface, laser installation, Water & Geyser Installation, Video Projection, Lighting installation and Pyrotechnics installation. Azhikode
24 Investment for Cruise Boats to be operated in the Malabar River Cruise Project The project proposes development of Cruise Boats suitable for taking the visitors to the various locations along with the cruises are to be designed, fabricated and operated Kannur, Kasaragod
25 Development of Camp houses, Eco Lodges and service utilities The project proposes development of camp houses at Kottanchery. Camp houses are temporary structures or rented tents in areas designated for camping constructed on the land area in close proximity alongside the backwaters or the sea. This will encourage tourists to camp overnight or stay longer than a day, engage in picnic related activities, and taste the local cuisine and shop in local markets. Kottanchery
26 Cultural Zone and Theme Park The project is structured as an institutional-cum-tourism infrastructure project and would have substantial leisure facilities to provide fillip to tourism growth in the region. The cultural and traditional zone would be used for showcasing, preservation and promotion of Kerala’s traditional art, crafts, vocational, cultural and habitat forms. Thiruvananthapuram
27 Cable Car Skyway Development The Paithalmala Cable Car Skyway will have two way cable car lines connecting two scenic station terminals tentatively located at – Paithal Hill Resorts and Paithalmala Watch Tower. The aerial distance between two is approximately 1.2 Kms. This envisioned cable car will be gondola lift providing an aerial link between the stations, soaring high between the stations through the sky on the most scenic highway in North Malabar region for priceless views. Paithalmala, Kannur
28 Backwaters Adventure Lagoon Park The project proposes development of an Adventure Activities Lagoons resort in Valiyaparamba Islands. Range of activities that could be offered are Kayaking, Mangroves Safari, Off-road ATV tours, Wakeboarding, Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Jetovator and Underwater Scooter. Valiyaparamba Islands, Kannur
29 Development of Ferry Ride route and Stations in North Malabar Project envisages to connect Vadakara to Dharmadom to St. Angelo Fort via a ferry service to allow people an alternate, more scenic and cheaper mode of transport from the two towns also linking smaller villages with the need for an alternate transport system in the process. The ferry has to maintain all the required safety standards and insurance requirements for necessary for operations. Vadakara
30 Heli Adventure Network across North Malabar The proposed project of Heli tourism is envisaged to give a boost to the tourism activities in the region. The proposed helicopter service is primarily aimed at catering the high value tourists travelling between the tourists destinations of Kannur and nearby districts. The proposed service should have a central hub wherein all the aspects of operations can be controlled and supported. For the same the Kannur Airport located at Mattannur will be an appropriate location. Kannur
31 Recreational Fishing at Mappila Bay The project proposes development of recreational fishing at Mappila Bay. Recreational fishing is the fishing of aquatic animals that do not constitute the individual’s primary resource to meet basic nutrition needs and are not generally sold or otherwise traded in the market. It falls under the category of fishing tourism which refers to tourists who travel for the purpose of sports fishing. Kannur
32 Kayaking at Kattampally River The project proposes development of adventure sports like Kayaking at Kattampally River. The centre will have a temporary structure constructed to provide storage space for the equipment required for the various water sports, lifejackets, floats, tubes, etc., a parking facility of 4-5 cars, toilets, pantry, reception, seating area for 10 to 12 people and a ticketing centre. Kannur
33 Around Kannur on Hop on Hop off Buses Project envisages to develop a 5 km. long trail along the various spots which are historically important in the town of Kannur. The uniqueness of the trail is that there will be Hop On and Hop Off double decker buses which will ride along the trail twice a day. Once in the morning from 8 am to 11 am and then later in the day at 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm. The buses will pick up tourists from 5 star properties near the airport and the city at dedicated times in the day. Kannur
34 Lights & Sounds Show at Thalassery Fort The project proposes development of an open air amphi theatres. The open air theatres will primarily host lights and sounds based shows. Provisions will be made for seating arrangements, stage, entry & exit points, green room, toilets, etc. Kannur
35 Recreational Fishing Piers Development The proposed project is to be built around the concept of promoting the backwaters cluster formed by Kavvayi Islands and Valiyaparamba island. The project envisages to leverage coastal shoreline and the presence of local community in the area along with its heavy tourist appeal. Valiyaparamba, Kannur
36 Social Infrastructure development at Azhithala The proposal is to create an approach road either on the path going along the football field or through the path between the trees from the point of entry to the site at Azhithala. This approach road will provide a dedicated entry point with dedicated parking area for vehicles. This will increase its tourism potential with an increase in the number of tourists at the location as result of the enhanced connectivity. A dedicated path or tracks or unpaved lanes for tourists to ride bicycles as a form of leisure is also proposed at the point of entry to the beach. Kasaragod
37 Social Infrastructure Development at Payyoli Beach The proposed project aims to develop social infrastructure at Payyoli Beach. The two major works are to provide a convenient infrastructure for fishing and boating with fishermen and food trails. Kozhikode