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Mobility development and Electric Vehicles

Sl. no. Project Name Description Proposed Location
1 The Silver Line (Semi-High Speed Rail Corridor) The Semi High Speed Rail Corridor called Silver Line connecting Thiruvananthapuram to Kasaragod with 10 stations. The project is undertaken by K-Rail. Across Kerala
2 Kochi Metro Rail Project Phase 3 Kochi Metro Rail Limited (“KMRL”) is a joint venture between Government of India (GoI) and Government of Kerala (GOK) for implementation, maintenance and operation of Metro Rail. Phase III of the project would be an extension of the metro rail from Aluva to Angamaly with airport connectivity. Kochi
3 Metrolite- Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvananthapuram Metrolite is proposed as a medium capacity light rail project in the city of Thiruvananthapuram which spans across 19 stations with a route length of 21.82 km and the estimated completion period is 4 years. MTA-Thiruvananthapuram will be the project implementation authority under the provisions of the KMTA Act 2019. The project aims to build a Mass Transit system without impeding the urban fabric and historic importance of Thiruvananthapuram. Trivandrum
4 Green Bus Kozhikode Kozhikode Green Bus is an all electric bus transit system with dedicated lanes in the city of Kozhikode for a length of 13.33 km under phase-1 and complementary bus priority lanes and a network of robust feeder systems spread across the city. The estimated completion period is 3-4 years. MTA-Kozhikode will be the project implementation authority under the provisions of the KMTA Act 2019. The project aims to build a Mass Transit system without impeding the urban fabric and historic importance of Kozhikode Kozhikode
5 Kochi Bus Express Bus Express is a road based Mass Transit System of medium capacity, tailor-made for cities with large urban agglomeration. It offers, long-haul connectivity through a dedicated corridor, using quick accelerating electric buses, similar to a metro train. The higher inter station distance, priority signaling at junctions, flexibility for overtaking and wide 3-door twin leaf configuration makes the Bus Express, the fastest Mass Rapid Transit System in the world, with an average speed of 40- 50Kmph, at a very competitive capital investment. Kodungallur to Erumalloor
6 Vytilla Mobility Hub Vytilla Mobility Hub (VMH) is being envisioned as a world class multimodal hub, interfacing and interconnecting variety of inter-city, regional and local transport systems and other transport modes. The project give emphasis to integration transportation modes including metro, water metro ,city and regional bus terminal, passenger facilities, amenities and recreational spaces. The proposed time is 6 months for the project. Phase II of the project includes: Finishing work of Regional Bus Terminal, Completion of MLCP including architectural fisheries, Some pavement completion and Retro fitting works Kochi
7 Green Mobility Corridor for Carbon Neutral Sabarimala Under this concept, the 19 km corridor from Nilakkal to Pamba shall only be a bus corridor and all other vehicles of devotees including buses shall be parked at Nilakkal base camp. The electric buses shall operate round the clock, as chain service along the Nilakkal to Pamba corridor for the 65 days’ peak season particularly sequencing with the Darshan time., The corridor is approximately 7-8 m wide in which two buses can operate easily. Nilakkal to Pamba, Sabarimala
8 Electric Bus Rapid Transit: Poothotta - Angamaly The Comprehensive Mobility Plan for the Greater Kochi Region (CMP) has identified 12 trunk corridors for the improvement of public transport in Kochi. The SH15 corridor connecting Poothotta-Karingachira-Kalamaserry and Seaport Airport Road is proposed to be developed as an Electric Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project in three phases. The key features of the project are : About 70 buses plying along a dedicated bus corridor from Poothotta to Angamaly, About 60 stations along the corridor at a spacing of 700-800 m, The use of e-buses along the corridor for environmental sustainability. Poothotta-Angamaly
9 Model Street & E-bus Priority Corridor The proposal is to develop the Vypin-Munambam-Goshree corridor as a model street and an E-bus priority corridor. The Vypin-Munambam-Goshree corridor (on SH 63) is a 25 km stretch, with a width varying from 12-15 mts. The corridor acts as a bypass to Kochi city connecting Fort Kochi with Kodungalloor in Thrissur. Munambam- Vypin Corridor
10 Kerala Bus port Limited The project involves operation and maintenance of the public transport infrastructure by public and private sector under a self-sustainable model for optimum utilization of public land. Trivandrum, Kochi, Kozhikode, Kannur